5 Illustrators to Follow on Dribbble

Perusing the Dribbblesphere in search of fellow creatives with a knack for the pen tool? Maybe even the real, tangible kind? Here are a few people to peep on in no particular order.


 There's a classical understanding of form and line work that is really taken to the next level with Mike's work with color and light. It's abundantly clear that this guy knows how to draw. Dude is a monster, maybe literally.


An illustrator at Hatch, Lisa's work ranges from geometric illustrations to patterns to custom lettering. Exceptional colors and great work with composition and layout define her as one of my favorite new illustrators I've found. Now to just get more work up. I'll wait.


Kim's character work is incredible. Particularly takes on female forms stand out as strong, stylistic interpretations with wonderful color grading and stand-out line work. Lovely pieces that would easily fit into the world of comics.



Lovely colors in a near print aesthetic with rich environments complete with lovely reductionist renderings of cities and other natural settings, Owen is consistently knocking it out of the park. Outstanding vintage editorial quality to each and every piece.


Yeah, he's finally on Dribbble. Contain your applause until the end. If you're not familiar with Alex's work, do you even use the internet? Expect a steady stream of 8-bit art rife with video game references as well as work from his new gig over at LayerVault.