New Digs

So it finally happened. A new site. New place to call home. New coat of paint and other cliches of the like.


For a while I've wanted to find a better medium of not only displaying my work, but some of my thoughts along the way. A bit of the process behind why I make the decisions I do. Sure, you can do it as a big block of chunky text that sits on an external blog outside of your work, but without the content and the execution rubbing shoulders, it seems to be a pretty defunct way of displaying work.

Add to that the fact that, as an illustrator, I enjoy what I do, but have wanted to be able to more effectively communicate that illustration isn't all that I do. It's not.

So feel free to have a look around the new site. I'll be working out the kinks, adding more to it, and fine-tuning the experience as we go. I suppose it's lot like saying "take a ride on this plane and we'll work on fixing the engine once we're up in the air" but hey, why not?

Excuse the brevity of this post. I needed something for this place in the navigation.