Code School

Code School teaches web technologies in the comfort of your browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts. I've been working with a team over there on delivering themed courses with complete narrative so as to create a unique learning environment that takes full advantage of the browser's capabilities with interaction and storytelling.

The courses all share a similar UI structure and have the flexibility to be skinned to the various themes, tweaking the layout where necessary for the individual course's needs. 

Below is a sampling of a few of the courses I've had the privilege to work on. 


Git Real 2

Git Real 2 is a follow-up to Code School's first course about learning how to use Git in the browser with more advanced Git techniques. We built on the existing branding for Git Real--a Tron-like digital world. Here users were able to interact with the course as a living, breathing microchip sending packets of information through an information superhighway. 

Check out the course here.




Rails 4: Zombie Outlaws

Continuing in the tradition of previous Rails for Zombies courses, this one took place in the wild West. I worked in collaboration with Jason Vanlue to develop the look and feel of the assets. Mostly photo-manipulating my way through a narrative about a lone survivor in fictional Santa Maria.

Below are samples from the course chapter pages:




Rails For Zombies: Redux

Rails for Zombies is a redesign of the course that started it all. The theme for the course evolved from the original zombies theme, which has continued to be a staple in branding with all of the Ruby on Rails-themed courses. The concept was to create a more serious and sinister post-apocalyptic view of the Zombies epidemic that could set the stage for future courses. The badges that correspond with the level present a unique, destructive scene to correlate with the levels as well as a new course badge for course completion that updates to the new branding.